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Lifting Ourselves and One Another

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

“Double Grace”

For time:
60 Clean and Jerk – 135#/95#

Compare to July 16, 2015

Comments: 11

did first 35 as Rx’d but dropped down to 125 for last 25
thanks Colin!


12:55, scaled to 80#
Kept it nice and steady. Next time, I will try 85#.
Nice work 6am! Thanks Colin!

Did first 30 in 3:18, exactly the same as last time. Finished the second 30 16secs faster than last time. Should be able to get this sub 8 next time

6:44 w/#55
Thanks Michy!

8:18. Singles, dropped all reps.

15:55 rx’d.
Thanks everyone for the support on the last dozen or so reps!

And big thanks Michelle. No one know the mental game like you!

10:26 @ #85 – don’t know why I scaled it considering that I did not come yesterday and therefore had no excuse for sore butt from pistols…

To Coach Michelle – at volleyball yesterday, we were in fact talking about the same girl – I don’t know where I got my mixed up information from:)

11:23 RX’d-singles(re adjust clips often)
Nice work 7 a.m.
Thanks Colin!

Last time: 7:29
First 30 in 3:03
Dicked around too much on last 12 reps.

Playing around with my diet. Lost will to compete around rep 36.

Thanks Jay and Ken.

8:00 Rx’d
This is a 1:15 PR! It was an unexpected and it makes me pretty happy as PRs are very few and far between for me these days.
Felt good today, kept moving pretty consistently and paced it well.
Thanks Jason and Ken!

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