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Lifting Ourselves and One Another

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

A. Thruster – 3, 3, 3, 3, 3, 3
Compare to July 5, 2010

B. 21, 15, 9 rep rounds for time of:
Triple Unders

Coach’s notes:

Post loads for A and time to complete B to comments.

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Comments: 11

A – worked up to 140#
B – 5:02 with scaling (HSPUs off the box, 63/45/27 singles) Kudos to those who did the WOD as rx’d!
Thanks Coach Colin

A: 75#/80#/85#/85#/90# -failed/90#-failed
B. 11:06. HSPU’s with one ab mat, double the amount of DU’s instead of TU’s with a TU attempt thrown in after every 10 DU’s
Nice work 6am!

A. Up to #110
B. Forgot to look at the clock, but was about 15 min. HSPUs with one abmat for round 1, then with 2 (strict) for the rest. Double unders + 5 attempts at triples each round.
This workout was really touch on me mentally. Great job 7AM! Thank you OG.

A: 85/95/100/105/115/120
B: 8:51 HSPU with 1 ab mat(kipping)
DU’s only 21/15/9 as my double under’s are hit and miss today they were decent should have doubled # of reps.
Nice work 7 a.m.
Thanks Colin!

A. Worked up to 115#, but failed the last one.
B. 6:23, HSPU from the box.
Thanks Michelle!

And by touch I mean tough!

First day back after a week of Red Lights, Coffee Shops and Jaegermeister!

A. 95/135/165/185/205/225(2.52). All squat cleans into first thruster in nanos which is a personal PR.
B. Did 18/12/9 HSPU and 42/30/18 high jump DU. 12:15

Thanks Jay and Ken!

Up to 185, still a weak movement.
7:50 for part b, tried a coouple skipping each round. The rest from a box, all triple unders unbroken.
Thanks Jay and Ken

A. 105. Capable of heavier, but this was good for today…
B.7:05. HSPU off the box, double unders (double the amount of the triple unders)
Pretty happy with all the “pushing” movements I was able to do tonight. Haven’t been able to for a while.
Thanks Jason and Ken!

A. Up to 90lbs. Think I could have gone heavier but ran out of time.

B. 7:21 of scaling

Thanks Jason and Ken

A: Worked up to 130lbs

B: 9:23 – HSPU rx’ed, skipping was alternating singles 63/45/27.

Thanks Jay for finding me a skipping sub, now I don’t have to avoid those WODs!

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