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Lifting Ourselves and One Another

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

5 Rounds for time of:

20 Alternating Dumbbell Ground to Overhead
15 Knees to Elbows
10 Calorie Erg (of your choice)

Coach’s notes:

Post time to complete to comments.

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Comments: 5

G2OH: 35# (40# would have been doable for maybe 2 rounds)
K2E: knees to triceps or as high as possible.
big group at 9 so all rounds on the rower.

Thanks Michelle!

5 rounds in 17:20 time
Used 50# maybe should have gone heavier!?
Did knees to elbows
Used rower

15:45 at 45#, 2 rounds on bike, 3 on ski erg

16:50 with 50#, used the rower for all 5 Rounds

Jan 9, 2018 – OG

14:50 with 50#, used rower all 5 rounds

50# was the right weight, I went unbroken for the first 2 rounds then broke it up into sets of 10

Went unbroken with all K2E

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