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Lifting Ourselves and One Another

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

As Many Rounds As Possible (AMRAP) in 20 minutes of:

5 Pull-ups
10 Push-ups
15 Squats

Compare to November 04, 2013

Coach’s notes:

Post rounds and reps complete to comments.

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Comments: 29

16 rounds + pull ups + 7 push-ups as rx’d. Thanks, Colin!

3 squats short of 11 rounds, as rx’d. Looking back to 2013, this is huge progress! Great energy at 6am, thanks Colin!

19 rounds plus 2 pull-ups. Pushup endurance needs work. Thanks Colin!

21 rounds + 2 PU’s
thanks OG

20 rounds + 20 reps
Thanks Colin!

6 rounds plus 1 pull up as rx’d
Not a PB but still pleased to do it unassisted.
Amazing work by the 6 a.m. gang this morning. Whitney and the Erin’s kicked it!
Thanks Colin!

10 rounds as rx’d plus 5 pullups
My goal was to avoid going to my knees on the pushups. Success! But I learned where I am really weak. Good work 7am!
Thanks Colin!

11 rounds + pull-ups + 6 push-ups.
A round less than last time and 3 less than the first time, but pull-ups were rx’d and push-ups were closer to rx’d.
Definitely didn’t have the same level as energy as yesterday.

Thanks Michelle!

First time doing this Workout
15 rounds + 7 reps RX’d
Was kind of hoping I’d get a couple more rounds.

Thanks Michelle

10 rounds plus pull up’s plus 8 push ups rx’d
Squats and pull ups all felt awesome and were unbroken.
My goal today was keeping good solid push ups. I only touched my tummy once and it was my last rep….really happy with the progress on these, man they go fast!
Had a great time today! Fun to workout between Rhi and Alex!
Thanks Michelle, love your coaching, especially on these bench mark WOD’s…..you da bees knees!

16 rounds + pull ups + 7 pushups (12 reps)
Great job 7AM! Thanks Colin.

16 rounds + pull ups + 7 pushups (12 reps), rx’d
Great job 7AM! Thanks Colin.

16 rounds + 12 reps rx’d (last time 14 rds + 18).

Pull-ups and squats unbroken. Pushups were broken early.

First time doing a full Cindy!
22rds + 5 push ups+ 5 pull-ups
Push-ups are not my favourite thing…
Thanks Michelle! Great work 10am class:)

ROW – 5000 M

CINDY – 15 Rounds Even

17 rounds +5+5

Push-ups died at about 10 minutes, things got ugly from there.

Thanks Jason and Tania.

21 + 5.
Thanks Jason and Tania

13 + 5 + 1
Less than last time but slowly improving quality.
Push ups are not my thing…
Thanks Jason and T.
That’s 2 in a row for Greg…

First wod ever doing pull ups without bands !
7 rounds + 2 pull ups
Thanks jay and Tania

10 rounds + 5 pull ups
Exactly the same as last time… I was hoping for more, but as it was pointed out to me by a couple of people same is a win for me right now. Kept moving, the only thing I could have possibly sped up were the squats.
Thanks Jason and Tania!

13 +5 +1

Push ups need work.

Thanks Tania and Jason.

14 rds plus 5 pull-ups and 1 push up
Thx Tania and Jay!

First time doing Cindy
19rds + 15 reps

Thanks Tania and Jason!

Sub ring rows for pull ups. 9 rounds + rr+ 6 push ups.

Thanks Jay and Tania

16 rounds + 5 + 10.
Thanks Tania and Jason.

26 rnds + 10.

6 push ups into the 14th round.
Pushups were the limiting factor for me even though they are better than they have been.
Thanks Tanya, thanks Jay.

First time doing Cindy…i think…

10 full rounds + 5 pull-ups + 6 pushups

limiting factor on this one is the push-ups for me. definitely feeling the after affects.

My advice for this workout:
getting the last few push-ups in each round makes it tough…makes you have dig really deep. It’s easy to just work until you’re tired and then move to the next movement. whether if it’s your grip that goes, you fail a push up, or your quads blow up. doing all the required reps before you move on to the next movement will make you better…you can’t get away with shaving reps in the Open, so practice to the most challenging standard and hold yourself accountable.

having said that, this is not a “Ken Co” workout…high volume body weight workouts are not my forte. That is why I appreciate these workouts, it was good to try and keep moving and to practice one of my big weaknesses. Thanks Brett.

Gregger, Derek, Cody…another one in the books, thanks for the push gents.

Thanks Jason and T Nash!!

16 rounds + 5 + 10 + 5
Might have lost count as I caught myself more than once starting the next round without counting a chip from the previous one…

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