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Lifting Ourselves and One Another

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Front Squat – 2, 2, 2, 2, 2, 2

Compare to October 07, 2015

Coach’s notes:

Post loads for all sets to comments.

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Comments: 15

Thanks for sharing the rack Matt.
185, 205 (bad form), 195, 205, 215 (bad form), 205
Thanks Colin!

225/245/265/275/285/300×1 PR
I’ve been trying to hit 300 for the last 2 1/2 years. So pumped to finally get it. Great lifting this morning 6 am.
Thanks OG

Failed my 2nd rep on both final sets at 245#. I blame it on gravity…
Thanks for the tips Michelle!


After class Cracker Jack talked me into doing 5 rounds of:
30 seconds overhead kettlebell carry.
30 seconds rest.
-used 1pd per arm for each round. Only made it to 25 seconds on the final round.
Thanks Jay and Ken!

With Mat.
I’ll take it. Curtis and Chad are freaks!
Thanks Jason and Ken.

165/185/195/205/215/225×1/205 for 3 sets of 2 to work on depth and control

Not too heavy but overall happy … first time over 200 for squats since injury last year.

Thanks for sharing bar Derek and nice work on the OH kettle bell carry .

Thanks Ken and Jason

Thanks for partnering Renata! Thanks Jay!

225×2, 230×1
Really wanted 230 tonight…. First one was easy, second one….
Thanks Jason and Ken.

Up to 350 but only got the first one.
Thanks for sharing Chad, made it look easy all night.
Thanks Jason and Ken

Made it to 185# second one was a fight so stopped there :) thanks Jay and Ken 😊

Thanks Zakk for sharing the bar!
Thanks Jay for breathing tips!

147.5-first one good second one had sketchy depth.
Sneaky Michy! Thank you!

As per jay stayed at 165 for all sets . Now apparently I am suppose to be able to clean this … according to jay … hmmmm guess I better get working on that 🤔😜
Thanks jay and ken :)

Bit rushed today, not my best numbers, but I have not lifted this much in the front squat since pulling my groin and today, no pain! This is very good.

143 for 2, – two attempts at 148 kept getting stuck half way up
Thanks Jay!!!

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