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Lifting Ourselves and One Another

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

In partners complete one round for time:

100 Cal row (total) while partner holds deadlift – 225#/150#
150 Wallballs (total) while partner holds dumbbells overhead – 45#/30#
200 Double unders EACH while partner holds handstand

Coach’s notes:

Post time to complete to comments.

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Thank you Maria and James for being such great WOD partners. Our plan of having one work and two hold made things interesting for sure. I believe we got the 100 calories in…110ish wallballs…then skipped our way to the end of the 6am class. Thanks Colin!

Did this WOD with Justin this morning at 6:00 a.m, At first it seemed like one person would get a bit of a break, ie, holding the deadlift or holding the DB’s overhead, but not really.
It was a tough chipper, but fun to do it with a partner. Thanks Justin and Coach Colin for the awesome tunes!

Partnered with my longtime 7AM girl Ms. Chris B – thank you for being my CFC Valentine! Completed the WOD rx’d in 25:00. High fives to all the CFC crew, coaches, and staff who make this community strong. Thank you for being kind and caring when needed, and hard as f*ck when we (I) need to smarten’ up; that’s true love.

Since Sandy had homework, I did Linda:
Deadlift @ 210lbs
Bench Press @ 140lbs
Cleans @ 105lbs


Did this with Lacey! Was a great workout and a great partner. 22 minutes ish. Rx’d . Thanks and good job everyone.

With my squat partner Kimmer!
Rx+ division (Kim did 155# DL)

Overhead dumbell into wallball into handstand hold DUs is sucktacular!

Go team Hidden Abs!

Dragged the husband out !
Rx for me :) awesome fun wod I loved it !
Thanks jay

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