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Lifting Ourselves and One Another

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

10 rounds for time(s):

Row 250m

25 Double Unders

Rest 1:00

Coach’s notes:  Post time for each set and total time to comments.

Comments: 20

I think i fell a “flu” attacking me

I’m Looking for rubber mats for my garage gym – any thoughts on who best to contact in Calgary? The company I used previously (GoMango) is having some shipping/delivery issues. Any help would be greatly appreciated. THanks.

You know, when I did the March 7th workout (5 rounds of row 400m, 40 DUs, rest 2:00), I never once thought what was missing was an extra 500m of rowing and 50 DUs…

Did 6am workout.

3 rnds for time:
-50 squats
-21 ring push ups. First round from toes but was told to go to knees as my technique was not too pretty.
-30 Russian KB swings – 1.25 pood ( I think that is what it was called. KB just to eye level)
Time: 9:31
Awesome coaching!! Thanks guys!

6 a.m. WOD
Adelle with ring push-ups from toes and .7 pd 9:49
Rick with 1.25 pd 9:34

Great work everyone. Alona what a push to finish!!!

2:46/2:30/2:50/2:38/2:55/3:05/2:31/3:06/3:15/2:48 – Total time w/ rests = 37:24

Chris – I would go with horse mats instead. It is actually what most gyms use instead of over priced flooring. http://www.pacificwestenterprises.com/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=41&Itemid=77 is one place I could find. Just google for more

Did WOD from 6:00 am class. No KB at the Y so I used a 70 lb DB, other than that as rxd ( thanks for donating the rings James)= 8:53. Had a fat guy trying to tell me my form was wrong on the ring push-ups and then started asking me questions about the swings…I told I was doing Crossfit and he looked at me blankly and finally left to do some biceps curls.


1:56/2:09/2:20/2:18/2:16/2:25/2:25/2:14/2:18/2:15-total time with 1 minute rests was 30:16 doulble unders were mostly 25 at a time @ 3 rounds were broken. Thanks Michele for the great coaching on the rowing!!

1:03/1:10/1:18/1:24/1:24/1:22/1:26/1:17/1:19/1:18 = 13:01 working time

I shared the rower, so the rest was not as rx’d. Total rest time was 12:07 (wow, those extra seconds add up fast!)

My rows varied between 0:40 and 0:48, with the damper at 6.5 for the first 4 rounds, then 5.5 for the last 6. I think as I got tired, more time was lost on the transitions between the rower and the DUs, and not every round was unbroken.

Neil – sub a round of situps then a round of pushups for DU’s
1:35/2:01/2:02/2:25/2:05/3:00/2:26/3:04/2:22/3:05 = 24:05 working time
Judy – 1:44/2:07/1:54/2:00/2:13/2:13/2:19/2:06/2:07/2:04 = 20:47 working time
DU’s were broken but getting gooder and gooder!

1:21/1:48/1:49/1:30/1:33/1:32/1:29/1:36/1:34/1:30 Had an extra 20 seconds rest after round 7 due to the rower being used. Finished at 25:02, working time 15:42. Rowing times between 0:51 and 0:57. Cory those times are insane, nice job. Thanks Brett, this one just frickin’ hurt.

6am class:
3rds: 50 squats, 21 ring pushups (toes together), 30 KBS ( I used 1.5pd) time: 10:12

I had issues getting out of the house tonight due to some small people. But here was my weak at home version. I tell you nothing beats the atmosphere of CFC.
5 rounds of 25 DU’s / Slashings (the old school fabric rope I was using was at least a little nicer for the slashings) I wish I could count the amount of times over the rope. 10 burpees and 10 squats. For time. Thing was I lost track of time due to cute interruptions. So I think about 18 mins total but really not sure.

6 am class:
3 rounds 50 squats, 21 ring pushups, 30 Russian KBS (1.25) supposed to use heavy weight here… time: 9:54
*probably should have used 1.5*
Liz, Katie, you guys are strong!!! nice work with the 1.5
James, great class! Thanks, and thanks to Rob & Colin too

Total 28:03

Lost track of time

Rows started in the low 40’s and fininished with most being in the low 50’s

Sub for DU’s
Did alternating 25 push-ups or 25 sit-ups
Broke pushups, situps managed unbroken.

So sorry:) I posted the wrong time. It was 13:31 and not 9:31.

Row: :49/:48/:49/:48/:48/:47/:48/:50/:50/:50
Round time: 2:12/2:40/1:45/1:38/1:40/1:49/2:31/1:53/2:03/1:41

Times were all over the place due to extra wait times for rowers and jockeying for position for DU’s.

I got the hang of DU’s finally. Set 8 and 9 I did over 20 DU’s unbroken and did set 10 unbroken!!

34:52 total time. DU broken into all sorts of pieces. Longest unbroken string was probably 2. Not sure what was more painful, doing – or watching my DU.

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