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Lifting Ourselves and One Another

Tuesday, August 19, 2014


Deadlift – 3, 3, 3, 3, 3, 3

Coach’s notes: Post loads for all sets to comments.

Compare to May 28, 2014

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Comments: 13

225/235/245/255 × 3, PR. Failed the next two rounds.
Thanks Michelle.

Worked to 163 which is old PR, was starting to loose form at that weight, so reduced weight for final lift, just felt heavy…….not quite back into it yet

Kept it light and worked on form.
Worked up to 133#. Tried 143 but my back shut it down after one.

Thanks Michelle

Well done on the PR, Nick!

Up to 145# for 5 sets… 1 PC/1 front squat/ 1 squat clean/ 1 PC … (And a few variations of this complex… 1 power clean, 2 FS, 1 squat clean)
…didn’t feel awesome… Didn’t feel awful…
Thanks Brett!

6×3 @ 425
Thanks Jason.

3 rounds of
3 Muscle Ups
6 4″ defecit HSPU
9 C2B Pull ups
12 Push ups
15 KB Swings 1.5pd
18 wallballs 14#
11:21 this one completely crushed my shoulders! Great to work out with you again Nat:)

425, 465, 485, 495, 515 X2. Bailed on the 3rd rep on 515 as it did not feel right. Thanks Mark and Trent for partnering up.

235×3, 245×1
I should be able to do more but Just haven’t been able break past that 245…. Not sure if it’s my CNS shutting down or my brain turning on…
Thanks Jason!

125/135/155/175/185, same as last time. Lost my grip almost at the top of the 3rd rep. Did a few singles after.
Thanks Jason

425/445/465/485 x 2 (grabbed the bar with an uneven grip)/485 x 3
Thanks Jason and Ben and Trent.

Ended up at 215
Thanks Jason

Wow, fun class to join in on. The big guns were pulling a ton of weight behind me. Nice work Trent, Ben and Mark.

All around you guys and gals are lifting a lot of weight. Really cool to see.

Awesome coaching on the lift Jay.

Not on the scale of some of you, but a good day for me.

Thanks for the push Jason!

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