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Lifting Ourselves and One Another

Thursday, September 28, 2017

1 Round for time:

Run 1 mile, then
21, 15, 9 rep rounds of:
Power Snatch – 115#/75#
Chest to Bar Pull-ups, then
Run 1 mile

Coach’s notes:

Post time to complete to comments.

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Comments: 5

36:04…was pretty slow on that 2nd mile. 95# for the snatch and off the box for the pullups. Thanks Laura and great work 6am!

24ish minutes
Row and assisted pullups
Rx snatch

32:43 RX’d was feeling a little off today so I’m just happy I completed it and happy I wasn’t alone to suffer haha
Good job fellow 7 a.m.’er
Thanks Laura and Madison for the much needed encouragement this morning and help cleaning up!

75# and regular pull-ups
Last run took 10:30.

26:16 Rx’d, main goal was to sweat and not tear, so mission successful.

Thanks Josh and Lacy!

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