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Lifting Ourselves and One Another

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Row 1000m


Coach’s notes:  Post time to complete to comments.


Compare to January 24, 2009


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3:05 + about twenty minutes rest until I didn’t feel like dying.

Still following Crossfit Strength Bias program. Today was a 20 min metcon and I just HAD to do CFC Tuesday’s WOD. That was NASTY.
Push-ups – 105
Deadlift – 70
Double unders – 122
J Pull-ups – 118
Total – 415, As Rx’d.
Cory – Just because you were there witnessing me wanting to die and unable to straighten my arms after the WOD, I have to point out that I got you….by 3 reps. Great row!!

3:25….only at crossfit will you get a response of “good for you” to the statement “I taste blood” like I did today

3:40 – Picked a pace ahead of time and stuck with it. Usually I keep speeding up at the start then tank halfway through.


36 s/m.




learned 2 lessons today:
– do not eat shortly before a row
– increase intensity sooner than 100m before the end (I was tuckered out in the end, but definitely had more left in me)

Judy – 4:20:0 damper 6


4:15 damper 7.5

3:38. Damper on 7.

3:35.0 — damper 8
CBS 3 days ago, just about healed from ribs.

3:46.0 — damper 8

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