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Lifting Ourselves and One Another

Thursday, July 16, 2015

For time:

“Double Grace”

60 Clean and Jerk -135#/95#

Compare to August 11, 2014

Coach’s notes:

Post time to complete to comments.

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Note to self… Sharon is a badass!

8:36 Almost a minute faster than last time. First 30 in 3:18 then just tried to hang on for the last 30
Thanks Laura

Was super sore today…11:40. Nice work 6am crew. Thanks Laura….it would have been an easy day to give up this morning, But the cues and encouragement helped me get over the hump!

1136 – at 115 — got a case of the “Old Man Back” — no back issues when executing the movement correctly – Thanks Laura – Well done 6 am’ers

60 Clean and Jerk – 8:23 with 65lbs
Note: Next time, go heavier. Focused on Form. Broke it down in 10 sets of 6 reps.

5:43. Rx’d. Received some good advice from Jay which I was not totally able to follow but put me in the right mindset. Thanks dude.

75#, 11:39. Felt good, despite my super sore ass from pistols! Thanks Jay

7:29 Rx’d
PR by 2:38
Grace done in 2:53 which is a 7 sec PR

Stronger and more mentally fit than last year.
Thanks Jay! I promise to stop shoulder pressing 25% of the reps one day…
Nice work 6pm

8:28 as Rx’d. Worked hard, but wasted WAY too much time between reps, I feel like I could easily shave a minute plus off my time.

Thanks Jason.

12:00 @ 80#
Ditto what Ryan S said. Need to get back on the bar faster.

Thanks for the push at the end Kimmer and Juli.

Thanks Jason. Tips on how to attack it were a big help.

12:17 rx looked back in the archives and I did grace at 105# in 3:43 in September 2013. Had 24 reps at 3:45 this time, then the wheels kinda fell off. Overall pretty happy, thanks for the push at the end Derek

Thanks Jay

6:23 Rx’d. Grace done at 2:29 which I’m pretty sure is a PR. Last time was 10:30 so needless to say I’m pretty happy with today.

Thanks Jason!

7:57 (I think)
Not Rx’d…. Did at 85 pounds tonight due to a tweaked back. Probably could have done Rx’d, but played it safe… This is about 3 min faster than last time, but last time was Rx’d…
Thanks Jason!

Gotta love OG’s camera work!

9:40 @ 65# could have gone heavier but would have lost all control of any form and it would have become a clean and push press.

Followed up with a workout with my hockey captain:
20 rounds for time
5 push ups
5 squats
5 sit ups
Plus 3 burpees every minute.

Sunday open Gym
12:22 @ 48, really pleased with this as last time was 1.5 Grace @ 27 in 10:10, did doubles for first 30, then singles for remainder, as per Sandy some of my jerks were PP, so think next time should go heavier.

Ella joined me 8:40 @32, she should definitely go heavier next time, as she was doing 2’s and 3’s throughout……..

Thanks Sandy for being our cheering squad and Tania for letting some air into the Gym to stop me from suffocating in the heat :-)

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