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Lifting Ourselves and One Another

Thursday, February 9, 2017

As Many Rounds As Possible (AMRAP) in 15 minutes of:

5 Strict Chest to Bar
10 Triple Unders
15 Burpees

Coach’s notes:

Post rounds and reps complete to comments.

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Comments: 16

20 DU instead of TU
Otherwise as rx.

6 rounds + CTB + 3 DU

50 singles, C2B off the box -> 5 rounds + 5 C2B. Thanks Colin and great job 6am!

5 rounds + ctb + skipping + 9 burpees
Did 30 doubles with 3 triple attempts per round. Rest rx’d
Thanks Colin! Good work 7am.

If a workout looks easy… it’s a trap!

5 rounds plus one pull-up. Scaled TU to 25 DU.

Thanks OG and 7am!!

5 burpees short of 5 rounds as rx’d
Thanks Josh!

5 burpees short of 5 rnds
10 Double attempts with singles in between, actually got 4 DU in a row twice in warm up…….think I got the odd single in the wod…,
RR subbed for C2B
Loved the accessory stuff after

Thanks Josh

Did 6 rounds
Substituted ring rows for chest to bar pull-ups
30 DU’s
And of course burpees are burpees – very fun!
Thanks Colin and the 6 am class, well done!

4 rounds plus 5 CTB
CTB were singles but they were strict! Yay!
25 du’s instead of triples, had to go fast due to the single CTB.
Thank you Sarah and Vanessa for the encouragement!
Great class josh, cheers!

8 + 2 rx’d

Feels good to finally be able to do triple unders in a workout. The best way to get triple/double unders is to try to add them into every warmup you do. Start off with small sets maybe 3 sets x 5 UB reps then gradually increase the reps as you complete our goal. Eventually you will have sets no problem! Just like anything, you have to work at it or it won’t happen, no magic, just hard work. Get after it :)

Regular strict pull-ups
3×10 DUs with 1 triple attempt – made a few
Actual Burpees (no crawling)

5 rounds + 1 strict pull-up

Thanks Josh S. and Jay. So much fun having Michelle John is tonight!

*join us

6+1. Did A mix of triples, attempts and doubles.

Thanks Josh and Jason!

9 burpees short of 6 rounds.
30 DU instead of triples

Thanks Josh!

3 rounds plus 30 du and 6 burpees
Strict ctb slows me down but I’m working on em. :)
Strict pull up and dumbell overload this week!
Thanks j&j

2 burpees short of 7 rounds

Subbed Tripples for 30 Dubs

Thanks Josh

5+3 subbed in 30 DU for triple unders
Thanks Colin!

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