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Lifting Ourselves and One Another

Thursday, April 27, 2017

A.  Snatch – 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1

Compare to Saturday, October 15, 2016

B.  “Squat” Randy

75 Squat Snatch for time – 75#/55#

Coach’s notes:

Post loads for A and time to complete B to comments.

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Comments: 16

A. Bumped up weight by 5-10lb each lift. Failed last one at 95lb
B. RX- 8:26
Thanks Laura and 6am! I feel so lucky to have the knowledgeable coaches that we have. I learn so much every day! ❤️

A. 70/75/80/80/80/80/82.5
B. 9:42 Rx’d
Super stoked about this because post-oly TT there was no way I’d drop under the bar at these weights. Great work 6am!

oops…I meant pre-oly TT…

A: worked up to 85#
B: 12:33 rx’d
Thank you Chita and Sandy for all the encouragement and putting my mess away! 💜
Thank you hot toddie, awesome class and tips!

A. Showed up late for the start of class, so totally my fault, but did not have enough time to get properly warmed up for any max snatch attempting. Worked up to 185#.
B. 5:32. I think a sub 5:00 is possible in this one for me, but it would Huuuurrrrrrt!

A 105 PB
B 16:03 – 85lbs happy as after around 40 I believe I was actually catching it

Thanks Laura

A) worked up to 93/95 for squat snatch. PR
B) 12 min at 42
Thanks Laura and well done 0600! Ladies; Mandy & Jill were super fast, well done!

A. 95/115/135/155/165/175/failed 185
B. 7:20 RX’d
Thanks OG

11:30 rxd thanks OG

A) 205/215/225/235/245/255/265/275(failed)
B) 3:38 Rx

A) 105/110/115/120/125/130f/125/130f
B) 55# – 11:38 – sets of 5 – first time doing this one – could tighten it up a little

A) up to 195, missed 205
B) 7:17 ouch.

Thanks Colin and Brett!

this was fun but i totally underestimated it.
A. 65/75/85/95/100/105/110
B. 8:26 rx

thanks todd!!

Thanks Colin
One Hundy squat snatch tonight. PR :)
Thanks Colin

“Squat” Randy
8:10 rxd
*Did May.1 open gym*
Tried set of 15 last one round haha broke it up in 5’s after that!

Sets of 15 lasted 1 round*

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