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Lifting Ourselves and One Another

Sunday, November 25, 2012


21, 15, 9 rep rounds for time of:

Deadlift – 225#/155#

Handstand Push Ups

Coach’s notes:  Post time to complete to comments.

Compare to April 27, 2012

Today was a phenomenal day for CFC at the Alberta Weightlifting Competition! Awesome turnout and superb performances by all competitors. Exact results and video links will be posted shortly Way to go Team CFC and thanks to everyone for your support!!

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Congratulations to all the CFCers who competed in the Alberta Weightlifting Competition! You were awesome! Absolutely inspiring!

He CFC Crew, tonnes of great stuff on the Crossfit.com main site lately. Check out an article posted recently on “Crossfit Tranference” from Saturday November 24, 2012. If someone more techy than me can figure out how to link to it, please do.

Also, it was great to see so many of you out to support all of us at the weightlifting comp yesterday. Mucho appreciated!!!!!!!!

Congratulations to all the CFC competitors in the Weightlifting tournament. I joined and cheered for a couple of hours, but regrettably I had to go soon after the boys started snatching (because a family commitment). Anyways, I enjoyed the show of strength and determination. Way to go guys!

13:59. As I told Brett last August I did a couple of drop ins to check out CFC. During one of the drop ins I saw Gord bust off HSPUs. I thought to myself that guy is a Bad Ass and I signed up right there. Really stoked to do this one as rx’d, a culminating experience for me.

Thanks Brett. Great job yesterday by all the lifters!

Deadlift as rx’d
HSPU rd 1 – almost to ground strict, rds 2-3 eccentric movement (slow lower to ground). Time to start working on the kip

Thanks Brett!

Deadlift: 105
HSPU: attempted to get down and up to 2 abmats, didnt make it all the way down
Thanks Brett, Great WOD!

Congrats to all the lifters. Wish I could have watched.

@ Crossfit Las Vegas
Teams of 4
100 thrusters 75lbs
125 shoulder press 75lbs
150 back squat 95lbs
175 dead lifts @ 135
200 box jumps 24inch

Congrats to all the CFC lifters from the comp yesterday!! Sounds like everyone did really well!

deadlifts as rx’d, first rd of hspu were a mix of hspu and lowers to two ab mats. The next two rounds were just lowers. Great coaching and lecture:) Brett.

skinny purple band through blue for HSPU
Same scaling as last time


1.5 minutes slower than last time. Don’t know where the slow down was.

10:00 using 135lbs for DL and blue through green band for HSPU’s. My time in April was 12:35.
Next time do the DL’s rx’d.
Thanks for the feedback on the HSPU’s Brett!
Fun class!

10:03 with 115lbs for the dead lifts and a mix of one or two ab mats for the handstand push-ups. Thanks Laura!

5:08 as rx’d. Did all kipping HSPUs and deadlifts were all UB. This was slower then Regionals but still pretty happy with it. Especially since afterwards I didn’t feel like I had compressed several vertebrae in my neck. Thanks Brett, Phillipa and Michael for cheering me on:) Congrats to all of the lifters yesterday, we are all very proud of you.

Hey guys dodgeball tomorrow night at 8:30pm at Braeside School (just off of Braeside Dr. and 107ave SW) see you there!

Did 25 x205#/15×205#/9×205# DL
Did HSPU off a box same reps

First time I tried Diane I wasn’t able to do any HSPUs in any form so a massive improvement.

If you haven’t already done so, like us on Facebook to see a link to some of the videos from yesterday’s AWA Competition!

3 sets of five Back Squats @ PR TODAY 215#
Thanks Jason, we are getting somewhere
10 more weeks to go!
Firebreathers was ridiculous
50, 40, 30, 20, 10
Box Jumps
KB Swings
Thanks for the push Brett

50 40 30 20 10
Wall balls 14
Box jumps 20″
Kbs 1 pd
Many many weeks of no met cons…..chest is still on fire! 23 minutes of being very uncomfortable! Yuck!
Amazing push Alex and Chelsea!
Thanks Brett! And thank you to everyone who cheered us on yesterday!

50 40 30 20 10
Wall balls 14
Box jumps 20″
Kbs 1 pd
Many many weeks of no met cons…..chest is still on fire! 23 minutes of being very uncomfortable! Yuck!
Amazing push Alex and Chelsea!
Thanks Brett! And thank you to everyone who cheered us on yesterday!

Oops…brain not working obviously….

Aud that tends to happen after Hero WODs….

Firebreathers 19:32 chased Alex the whole time who crushed it!!! Still pretty happy as this is over a 2 and a half minute PR from last November. Thanks Brett, good times. Kind of happy I didn’t get lynched after suggesting this one.

FB Homework from last week:
5rm Bench: 250lbs
Butterfly Pull-ups: Practice went well, got up to 8-10 reps with good rythym
Metcon: more like MEH-Con; amIright? Actually didn’t hit the one I wanted to do.

FB tonight:
23:16… Laid down at 17 minutes to take a 2min break, my lower back was broken.

This Week’s Homework:
Power Clean: Max Heavy Single
Skill: Kipping Presses, ie. HSPU, Ring Dips
Metcon: One I’m going to have A LOT fun with :)

Hey guys we are going to have a Christmas Potluck on Sunday December 16 at 4pm. Invite friends and family, everyone is welcome….especially if they bring bacon.

48 sec L-Sit almost at my minute goal
WOD: 17:52 deadlift: 93lbs hand stand lower (no push up yet).
Also worked on my double unders beat my record, but I could not count while skipping it affects my technique.


A1. Deadlifts as prescribed @ 225, all unbroken

A2. Used medium box to perform HSPU simulation. Need to move to a taller box or try to get more weight on shoulders from medium box. These were broken, the most I got consecutive was on the first round at around 10.

Can’t believe I missed all of the excitement this weekend; amazing job everyone! OG….CFC is so proud of you!

I have heard Brett say a million times that we would truly astonish ourselves if we could simply disconnect our minds from our bodies…..the last 5weeks have proven that theory over and over again! Everyone competing has overcome something they simply did not think they were capable of….physically and mentally. Thank you to everyone that competed, organized, cheered, and supported!

CFC Crew is in 4th in Western Canada!!….every single rep from every single person helped us get there! We truly do lif one another one workout at a time!


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