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Lifting Ourselves and One Another

Sunday, April 20, 2014


Power Clean – 2, 2, 2, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1

Coach’s notes:  Post loads for all sets to comments.

Compare to December 7, 2013

Important Reminder –

Good Friday CLASSES • April 18, 2014
Adults: 9am, 10am, 6pm ONLY
CFC Teens: 4-5pm  •  NO OPEN GYM

Easter Sunday CLASSES • April 20, 2014
Adults: 9am, 10am, 11am 
CFC Teens: 12- 1pm  •  NO TT/CLUBS

Easter Monday CLASSES • April 21, 2014
Adults: 9am, 10am, 6pm ONLY
CFC kids: 4:15-5pm  •  NO OPEN GYM

Comments: 17

No PR today, but overall ok with these.
Thanks Jason and Gord!

Pr’d at 107
Thanks Gord !
I dropped the weight Colin

Worked up to 65. Still pulling a bit too early…

Thanks Jason and Gord! HAPPY EASTER CFC!

2X – up to 145
1X – up to 165 – PR by 10#

Power cleans through the ages:
Oct. 2010 – 135
Feb. 2011 – 140
Apr. 2011 – 145
May 2011 – 150
Apr. 2012 – 155
Apr. 2014 – 165

Thanks Doug

I stopped at 127.5 because the lift became a squat clean. This is the heaviest my clean has ever been. I don’t know for sure but I think I had a PR of 15#. I had a number of failures at 120. I lowered the weight back to 115 then got one at 120. Then things started feeling better. I think the biggest thing that helped me today was being patient during the first pull. Thanks for the great coaching Jason and Gord!

Worked up to 225 x 2 and 245 x 1. Failed at 255 (3 times).

Thanks Jason and Gord.

Worked up to 265×1 (10lb PR). Tried 275 a few times but no luck. Next time!

Thanks Jason, and Brett

And Laura as well!

Worked up to 115 for a single and failed at 120

Thanks Jason and Gord

Worked up to 52 in small increments (started at 22) really pleased with this as it is a move that as been a real issue for my shoulder.
Learnt that muscling the lift is a huge “no” and to keep the bar in contact with my body all the way……..oh and not so much high elbows as dropping underneath (thanks Jay)
Did with non lifting shoes as well, I need those for hip mobility for squatting, find with other lifts that I can end up too much on my toes……..so trying without.

Thanks Jay and Gord

Sunday fun day with a friend at west side rec
225×2 235×2 245×1 255×1 fail city at 265

Worked up to 135 lbs. PR by 10 lbs. Felt good this morning so I tried and failed at 145. Then did 1 at 135 and another at 125.
Thanks Jason & Gord.

Did a few sets at 135# to get warmed up.
145×2 155×2
Failed twice at 185. Pretty tired by then.

Worked up to 165# and I still claim it wasn’t a squat clean!!!!!
Then went to the Memorial Stairs
3 x up wearing a 40# weight vest.
3 sprints up without the vest resting 60 sec at the bottom.
Then sprinted up the hill twice.
Thanks Jay and Gord.

Bring Sally Up-(Squat Challenge) at CPS w/Danielle
Used 45lbs, way harder than I thought it would be, geez!
Then, a little speed interval work on the treadmill (5K)- fun!!

Team practice 1:45
5 rounds:
15 burpee over box jumps 20/24″
10 HSPU’s
50 DU’s
Rest 2 minutes
2:15, 2:27, 3:03, 3:15, 2:42. Total time all in was 21:42.

Next Michelle, Trent, and me did 300 DU’s and 150HSPU’s as a team with one person going at a time and rotating team members.

Then worked on fat bar walking lunges in front rack and overhead with pretty light weight just to get some time playing with the bar.


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