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Lifting Ourselves and One Another

Saturday, September 17, 2016

Complete all sets for time:

A. Static Back Extension hold – one set.
Compare to Tuesday, September 30, 2014
B. 50 Triple Unders.
Compare to Friday, July 1, 2016
C. 75 Kettlebell Swings – 1.5/1.0 pood
Compare to Friday, August 19, 2016
D. 100 Sledge Hammer Strikes – 50/side
Compare to Friday, August 19, 2016

Coach’s notes:

Complete in any order and post time to complete each set and order to comments.

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Comments: 9

Last run club of the season “The Hill Tour of Tuscany” 😱 Or as I prefer to call it “Tuscany 5 Peaks”
Started at Home Depot lights, run down far end Nose Hill Dr to Stoney, up/down stupidly steep but relatively short hill, run back to and behind HD to run up/down 2 more stupidly steep hills (running distance in between). Run across Rd to pond up/down the hill we all hate, run to next hill up/down (usually just run down this one), which whilst not steep until the end is really, really long 😳, then run rnd rest of the pond to end.
48mins and change, ran all flats and down hills, walked anything that was “stupidly steep” and yes that did include the last hill.
Super proud of finishing this one.
Thanks Derek for pacing my first run and Nick my last…….good job Cody
Thanks Laura

Last run club with a small but fierce crew.

Did the hill tour and still had some extra time so went back and did another climb on the biggest hill. Finished 39:54

Well done everyone.

Thanks Laura.

A: 3:10. 10s PR. Then Ryan threw down the gauntlet and beat me by 7s. It’s on now Chernesky!
C: 3:09 rx’d
D: 2:55 @ 10#
B: out of time. Did a few DUs.

Thanks Erin and OG.

Puff Ds:
A. Strength: EMOM 10 chose your poison
I did C&J at 225. Didn’t really warm up or feel good until the 8th round
B. 16 min AMRAP team of 2
60 burpees over bar
200m run
40 DL 135/95
200m run
20 Snatch 95/65
290m run
— with Travis Wagner we got through 1 round, DLs and about 100m of the run

Nice work everyone!!!!

Then Run Club as Alayne put it. Although I have no idea where she got that I was point the first run. That was all I had! Around 42-43 minutes.

Good job runners! Thanks Laura.
Then Moga. Sweet-Wonderful-Stretchy Moga.
Thanks Lacy.

@ row 17 with Michelle, rowed just under 8k – 40 minute class.

Derek that is all I had too, but used to being on my own! Nice to have someone to run with, helped keep me going

Ash and I did some A cup practice
Was able to get all 18 sand bag clusters and my run In the 6 mins … I had so much sand in my bra
Rest 1 min then got
1 full round of 8 snatch , 20 du , 8 t2b , 20 du
Then I think I got my 8 snatch , 20 du and 6 t2b in the 6 mins . It was so painful but fun

B. 5 or 6 single triples and then practised 50-70 doubles with better form.
A. 3:17 …sorry Sandy!
C. 4:00 sets of 25/15/15/20
D. between 3 to 4 min (I think)
Thanks OG and Erin!

A) 1:55
B) 4 min of practice, got 10
C) 3:40 with 2 Pd
D) 2:44

Thanks Erin and Colin.

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