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Lifting Ourselves and One Another

Saturday, November 9, 2013

A1.  Deadlift – 5 reps X 6 sets, rest 0s

Compare to  August 2, 2013

A2.  Handstand Walk – As Far As Possible (AFAP) X 6 sets, rest 3:00

Coach’s notes:  Post loads and distances to comments.

Comments: 14

A1. 205/225/235/255/265/285 (same as last time).
A2. HS walks with dowel assistance. Feel like these are getting close.
Thanks Erin and OG!

185/ 205/ 225/ 245/ 265/ 275 x 5
Handstand walks with stick. 1/2 to 3/4 of As mat section of the floor
Thanks Erin and Colin!

A1: 123/128/133/138/143/150
10# PR. Back was starting to round on the last couple, otherwise, they felt really good.

A2: worked on TT homework: rolling out of the HS.

Nice job on the roll-outs, Juli! Way to overcome your fear!!!!

A1. Up to 245×5, 20# heavier than last time.
A2. Worked on handstands facing the wall and rolling out. It was working today!
I enjoyed this today. For no particular reason I have found this week really hard physically, and the last two days really challenging mentally. It was great to come in today and leave knowing that improvements, however small, are being made in areas I consider a huge weakness. Huge fear faced today! Thanks for spotting Sandy! Thanks OG and Erin! Fun class!

A1. 275/325/375/405/425
A2. Work in progress. I was able to string together 6 or 7 steps a couple of times.
Thanks Erin and Colin.

A1. 95/115/135/155/155/165
Back was curving so just stayed lighter today
A2. Handstand holds for 50-55 sec.
Thanks Erin and Colin.

A1: worked up to 315# x 5
A2: each set was about 35 feet
Thanks Erin and Colin

Yesterdays WOD – up to 245 on 4th set before Team WOD started.
Max Box Jump for height with YT – 50″ (PR by 3.5″)

A1) Worked up to 235#
A2) Between 20′ and 25′
A1) Front rack walking lunges 24 steps x 4 @ 125# rest 0 sec
A2) wallballs 20 x 4 rest 3 min
B) EMOM for 5 minutes
5 strict C2B pullups
Thanks Erin and OG.

Worked up to 145.
Did 10 ring rows for 6 sets – 5 from box and 5 from floor

THANK YOU, Erin and Colin!

Worked up to 205# … Matching an old pr
Just worked on handstand holds instead of walking but my body was feeling pretty beat up so didn’t do much….. At Mt. Royal gym

worked up to 275# and had first attempts at doing HS walks with a stick for support.
Thanks Erin and Colin

Today I did my first bar muscle up. I got up a total of three times. :)

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