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Lifting Ourselves and One Another

Saturday, November 26, 2016

  1. 15:00 Handstand walk progressions
  2. 15:00 Rope Climb progressions
  3. 15:00 D-ball playToday’s WOD is UNstructured play.  If you have handstand walks, set up an obstacle course.  If you don’t, practice with a partner and work on any progressions.  Same goes for rope climb: if you got them, play with seated starts, L-sit, legless up, AND down, etc.  Try climbing two ropes, one in each hand.  Don’t have rope climbs? Work on progressions.  D-ball play: deadlift, carry, hold, overhead squat, front squat and anything else you can think of.  Today, just play!

Coach’s notes:

Post your results regarding anything and everything to comments.

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Puff Ds (aka structured play):
Team of 3; 18 minutes:
20 Burpees over bar
15 ring dips
3 cleans (1 each. If you fail a partner can do yours) Start at 135/95 and add 20/10 each round.
Score is sum of highest successful cleans.

With Alex and Chris:
275-Al, 255-D, 215-C
I managed to catch 275 but went right over backwards as I was in my nanos- oops!
Fun times.

Really enjoyed working on some skills today. More WODs like this please!!!!

Thanks, hon for the HS help.

Thanks Sarah, OG and Ken!

Played around with the movements today.
HSW – still stuck on start, stop, fall. I can usually get 4 or 5 steps to start, then I get stuck in a handstand for 5 or 10 seconds, then I fall. Balance is pretty good, but need to learn how to get going again.
D-ball – First time using the D-ball. Worked up to the 125# ball a few times. Will try the 150# ball next time.
Rope climbs – some regular climbs, a few double rope climbs to 2/3, and 2 legless climbs to finish.
Finally, after two years of talking about it, I stayed for Moga today. It was great! Mobility actually wasn’t too bad. I will be back.
Thanks Ken, Sarah and Lacy!

Today I got my first strict pull up! Yayayayay and I practiced some handstand walks with ash holding the Dowel , so fun
Did a quick wod with ghd sit-ups , cleans and pull ups .
I wanna have play day everyday at cfc :)

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