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Lifting Ourselves and One Another

Saturday, July 29, 2017

Complete all sets:

A.  Carry an object for 200m for time.

B.  50 Overhead Squats for least number of sets – 135#/95#

C.  10 Rope Climbs for time.

D.  50 Tire Flips for time.

Compare to June 26, 2017

Coach’s notes:

Post order completed and results for all sets to comments.

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Comments: 2

A) 5 rounds each, alternating 10 wall balls#20 10 C2B
rest 5 mins
B) 5 rounds each, alternating 10 shoulder to overhead #115 and 10 TTB.

Partnered with Trent L. A was 8:31, B (not sure the time, my ttb were down to slow singles).
Killed to today Trent!!

Then Run Club.
Run 1 mile
3 rounds of 5 DB thrusters #45 and 10 tire step ups
Run 1 mile
3 rounds of 5 #30 wall balls as high as possible and 10 DB lunges #45 each hand
Run 1 mile.
30:58 or something.

Fun morning!

Puff Ds with Alex Barr!
I proved that T2B speed has nothing to do with definition of ones abs – right Curtis 😉

Went standup paddle boarding with Jer at Chestermere for the afternoon. Beauty day!!!!

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