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Lifting Ourselves and One Another

Saturday, July 13, 2013


For time:

75  Power Snatch –  75#/55#

Coach’s notes:  Post time to complete to comments.

Compare to November 11, 2012

Reminder:  Effective Sunday, July 14th, Sunday’s Firebreathers’ Club will be held at 4:00 -5:00 pm.

Comments: 18

8:10 @ 47#
This one was deceiving. I really thought I might be able to do rx’d but glad I ended up scaling the weight a bit. It was tough.
Thanks Laura and Michelle!

4:10 as rx’d.
Thanks for the push Michelle and Laura ! And thanks and great job to yassie!just like you never left!

6:40 @ 47#. I need to learn to go into WODs like this with no expectations because they rarely go the way I think they will. I also thought I could do it rx’d. Even at 47# I was down to sets of 3 and muscling a lot of them by the end.

Great job Gail! Thanks for partnering and counting for me.
Michelle and Laura, thank you for the push at the end. You were a big help getting me through the last bunch.

3:28. Last August was the last time I hit this one I think and did it in 5:30.

Thanks to Mark for counting and also for letting me borrow your truck when my Toyota failed me this morning.

At my old gym in red deer. 12 minutes to get up to 3 rep max push press. Went up to 125×3 and 135×1
Rest 5 minutes then 100 burpees for time. 7:54
Then in open gym did randy 5:25 Rx’d

8:23 as Rx’d (13 second PR)
Sets of 5 mostly.. fell off from that a bit near the end, but kept moving as much as I could.

Thanks Gord!

Run club in Tuscany:
– Hill intervals
– 60m sprints

Still fighting the German train / Dutch airplane cold I brought back with me. Really looking forward to getting into a routine again.

Thanks Laura!

65# – my usual


Historical: 2009-10:45, 2012-9:00

6:19 using 45lbs
Last time was 6:59
Thanks Gord!

4:37 as rx’d. Thanks Peder for counting and keepinge going. Nice work Kimmer! Just couldn’t catch ya. Nice work to everyone in the 9:30 crew.

Thanks Laura and Michelle.

Didn’t even note my time as I was focused on getting to 75! Thanks for the push Aubrey, Laura and everyone else (whose names I don’t yet know) at 9:30! Good way to start the day!

Thanks Gord for the great coaching.
Thanks Leigh for counting.

CFC Run Club:
Hills and sprints!
Cory, Alvaro & Derek – you guys were fast today!
Good workout, Thanks Laura!!

Walked away from the bar too much, could probably have gotten under 4:00 if I rested keeping my hands on the bar.
Thanks Gord and Greg.

CFC Open Gym

3 rounds:
1600m run
10 x 185# squat cleans
20m front rack lunge with the 185#
6 minute rest

Total working time: 47:06
Scaled to 165 for rounds 2 and 3.

Crushed. Owned. Destroyed. Love it.

7:23 with 50lbs. Thanks for counting Mark and for coaching Gord!

10:48. Worst ever. 3rd day in a row, I just did not have it in me at all. An accomplishment was to just even get it done. Excuses, excuses…………..


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