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Lifting Ourselves and One Another

Monday, May 18, 2015


Individual Regional Event 1 – Randy

75 Snatches – 75#/55#

Compare to July 13, 2013


Coach’s notes:  Post time to complete to comments.


Mon, May 18: Group Classes: 9am, 10am, 5pm only | CFC Kids: 4:15pm
No Open Gym


Comments: 16

6:55 as RX’d
Tried going 15 reps EMOM…that was a terrible plan. The rest made my forearms blow up which I was not expecting. This was fun though.

Thanks, Todd and Kimmer!

7:10 @ 22

Was a lot of reps for the shoulders so kept it light, also first week taking it from the floor again
Shoulders fatigued but ok, right hamstring/butt wasn’t talking to me!
Still fun wod

Thanks Todd and Kimmer

10:00 rx’d
Tried the same tactic as Ken but with 10 reps EMOM. Didn’t last long. Then my goal became getting it in under 10 minutes so I’m happy with this.

Thanks Todd and Kimmer.

4:53 rxd.
may have done 80 reps. did 75 for sure. last time in 2012 was 8 something. kind of wanted closer to 4:30, ah well.
weighted pull ups after, 3 sets of 5 @ 10# , then 15# for 3 sets of 3.
light back squats 3×10 @ 95
2 sets of 8 @ 115.
thanks todd and kimmer

First Rx’d WOD in a loooong time.
7:17 as Rxd
Thanks for the push at the end Todd!

65# – my usual
Historical: 2009-10:45, 2012-9:00, 2013-7:43

6:27 with 45lbs
2013 – 6:19
2012 – 6:59

7:22 as Rx’d
15 then sets of 5. Maybe should have done sets of 10 with a little longer rest to cut time? Who knows…next time …fun WOD!
Thanks Todd and Kimmer!

0:16 PR over Nov 2011
Happy considering shoulder and lack of desire to “go there” around rep 50…
Thanks Erin and Chelsea.
Nice work Ryan and Ben… Wow!

7:28 as Rx’d
First attempt at Randy.
Three sets of 8 to start, and then sets of 5-7 for the remainder.
No baseline to compare against, but I am pretty happy with my time. Kept my breaks short throughout.
Thanks Erin and Chelsea!

3:47. 4:35 last time we did this. Hung on to my pre workout meal for an additional 20-25 minutes after before finally admitting defeat and bringing it back up.

2:57 as Rx’d.

Thanks Chelsea and Erin.

3:57 Rxd 13 seconds faster than last time so i will take it.

Out of town:
200m run
20 pistols assisted
200m run
10 push press 55#
AMRAMP 15 minutes
Made it 10 push press from 3 rounds – did them anyway.
Head wind not welcome.

2:54. A few seconds better than a few days ago.

Thanks Chelsea and Erin.

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