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Lifting Ourselves and One Another

Monday, May 17, 2010

Complete, for time:
800m row
30 Thrusters
800m run
Coachs notes:  Guys use 115# and gals 75# for thrusters.  You can do the reps and/or exercises in any manner you choose.  For example you could row 400m, do 15 thrusters, 400m run X 2.  As long as you complete all reps and distances.  Post time to complete to comments.

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Time: 9:40

Thrusters scaled due shoulder injury to only 42.

Carmen, looking strong!
Cory, did she go deep enough in her squat or does she get a citation? 😉

9:42 thrusters scaled to 65 *still not feeling 100%*
broke up: 400 run/15 thrusters/400 run/15 thrusters/800 row (would not
leave 800 m row for end again)
Thanks Brett – was dreading this one .. But it was a good one!!

Post your method of completing the WOD as well.

12:23 Scaled to 95#
8T/200 run/7T/200m run/5T/200m run/5T/200m run/5T/800m row

2X25 lbs. dumbbell thrusters

Run – 800 m
Thrusters – 13
Row – 305 m
Thrusters – 10
Row – 315 m
Thrusters – 7
Row – 180 m


Liked the way I broke it down.
Probably paced the run and rows a bit too slow due to fear of thrusters – maybe had 20 seconds in there that I didn’t need.

9:58 as rx’d

Did 2 rounds of: 15 thrusters/ 400m row / 400 m run

That was a fun class… the freedom to choose our method definitely added to the mental puzzle 😉

Neil – 95 lbs 15:10 – did 12 thrusters/200m row/200m run then 8 thrusters with 200m row and run, 2 rds of 5 thrusters with 200m row and run
Judy – 53 lbs – should have gone a bit lighter with the thrusters..eating sucked today and it felt like it no energy

10:xx as Rx’d

First WOD in over 3 weeks…

400m row/10 thrusters/400m run/10 thrusters/400m row/10 thrusters/400 m run


Went very slow on rows (2:05/500m pace) and slower on runs. Thrusters were all unbroken…heart rate was just over 100bpm breathing slow and consistent…not going to push hard for the next week or so…want to ease back into crossfit…

11:14 as rx’d

600m/20 thrusters/200m/10 thruster/ 800m row.

Not sure how much i’d change it in the future, maybe split the row up… but probably not. thrusters were broken into 5s but not much rest inbetween.

As rx’d. 12:29min
Broke thrusters in 7, 5, 5, 5 & 8. Ran 200m every time I broke them and did the 800 m row at the end. Felt not too bad but I did not push the runs or the row whatsoever.

10:44 as rx’d – 2 rounds of: row 400m, run 400m, 15 thrusters broken up. I liked doing the row after the thrusters. That was a great class – everyone did something different – interesting to see the results and how people felt. Thanks Brett!

10:12 as RX’d.

10 thrusters / 800m run / 10 thrusters / 800m row / 10 thrusters.


set 1: unbroken
set 2: 5/5
set 3: 4/3/3

Thanks Chantal!!

11:29 Thrusters scaled to 95lbs

15 Thrusters / 400m row / 5 TH / 400m row / 5 TH / 400m run / 5 TH / 400m run

12:05 Thrusters scaled to 55lbs

800m run / 10 TH / 200m row / 10 TH / 200M / 10TH /400m

13:08 ???
Five thrusters
run 400
five thrusters
run 400
row 300
row 300
row 200

400m row/10/400m row/5/400m run/5/200m run/5/200m run/5
Could have pushed a little harder but wasn’t feeling up to it.

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