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Lifting Ourselves and One Another

Monday, June 26, 2017

A.  5 X 100m sprints, rest 2-3:00 between

B.  Handstand walk – As far as possible in a single set.

C.  Carry for max distance without setting down – choose a D-ball.

D.  50 Tire flips for time.

Compare to June 13, 2016

Coach’s notes:

Complete in any order and post results for all sets to comments.

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Comments: 6

A. 0:14/0:14/0:13/0:13/0:13
B. Just a couple steps – need to work on these
C. Carried 150# in front – 150′
D. Big tire – 7:13
Thanks OG

A. Didn’t time myself on sprints but went as hard as I could. Stopped on the 4th because of my glute.
B. Handstand walk -first try was just couple steps but tried again after the WOD and made it the length of the red mat! Progress!
C. Carried 100# Dball 90 feet
D. 50 flips Medium size tire 5:16

A. fastest was 15.3 …exhausting!
B. 2.5 feet …but the best form I’ve ever had and was balanced …some good tips from Sarah.
C. 125# back a forth on the gym floor a few times (100 feet?) … pretended I was big baby pregnant …respect to all the mother’s out there.
D. 25 flips on the medium and called it a day
Great warm up Michelle!

A) 16.36/15.73/15.96/16.27/16.06
B) worked on wall walks and kick ups. Thanks for the tips to open my shoulders Michelle.
C) 100# about 60′
D) 12:53 with med tire and a few with large.
Good job 10 a.m.
Thanks again Michelle!

B: HSW – 28′ plus 90 deg turn plus 2′ – got this twice – the turn was the limiting factor, not the distance
A: 14.8, 15.5 15.2 15.5 15.5
C: 100# for 37 m (with an A-B-C-D one of the movements usually suffers – this was the one)
D: Small tire – 7:13

B. Almost made it to 7ft.
A. 15.86/15.78/16.36/16.42/16.38
C. I carried a sandbag about 80ft. Not sure how heavy it was 60-70lbs?
D. Not much time left so just flipped the small tire to enjoy the outdoors.
Not a lot left in the tank after the sprints.
Thanks Tania for timing my sprints! Thanks OG!

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