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Lifting Ourselves and One Another

Monday, June 13, 2016

All sets for time:

  1. 5 Peg Board Climbs
  2. 50 Triple Unders

Compare to Saturday, May 28, 2016

  1. 1 mile run

Compare to Wednesday, April 20, 2016

  1. 50 tire flips

Coach’s notes:

Post order and time to complete all sets to comments.

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Comments: 6

Run: 6:56
Peg board: up and down 6 notches, then worked on ring pulls for about 8 minutes
Tire flips: medium tire, 14:?? this felt like it took forever!
No time left for triple unders, did 50 doubles and a few practice attempts.
Thanks Colin, great effort 7AM!

Hands are trashed from yesterday so the only thing I was good for was running.
7:18 which is a 12 second PR. Tried to stay ahead of Ryan but he still managed to pass me.
Messed around on the peg boards with pull ups.
Thanks Michelle.

Thanks for the push on the run Ryan. Guess I have to stop calling you Forrest Gump. ;P

1 mile – 6:57
Peg board – 3 ascents ..one to middle WB line …one to lower …and one below that.
Tire flip – 50 – large tire …took forever
50 DU unbroken – ran out of time…
Thanks for the pace on the run Sandy. It allowed us to both PR :)
Thanks Josh and Michelle!

Peg board – 2 x 9ft line / 3 x 10ft line / 2 x 11ft line – found lowering more intimidating than the climbs up.
Tire flip – 50 large tire. Didn’t track time.
TU’s – mixture of DU’s and TU attempts. Did about 15 TU’s, and a lot of doubles.
Conviently ran out of time before I got the run. I know, not a good excuse.

Run – 6:40

The rest was not timed, more of a complete in time kind of wod for me.
Tire flips x50, 25 with the large, 25 with the medium, just kept moving
Triple unders in around 3 minutes I think, sets ranging from 2 – 12.
Completed 4 full peg board ups/downs throughout the entire wod, did 2 between the run and triple unders and 2 after the tire flips.
Fun Wod!
Thanks Todd and Jay

Just tried to get it all in – and did(ish).
Run(jog) – 9:00
Tire flips – 50
Peg board – hands offset pull-ups and self spotted with a box (I wouldn’t do this after tire flips again)
DU x 50 x 2

Gymnastics homework:
– supermans 3×10 arms
– L-handstand 5×10 breaths
Good day – Thanks Todd and Jay!

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