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Lifting Ourselves and One Another

Monday, December 22, 2014


Hang Snatch – 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1

Coach’s notes:  Post loads for each set to comments.

Comments: 12

Got under all four attempts but the bar was slightly forward and I couldn’t save it. I realized I wasn’t looking up, once I corrected that I made the lift no problem. I think if I had more time 185 was possible.
Thanks Gord

1st time doing snatch in what seems like forever!!!!
Worked up to 37lb…..baby steps with lots of lifts to warm shoulder up……..focus on technique, technique, technique.

Nice lifting everyone

Thanks Michelle

Felt a little off today not used to morning lifting I guess

Worked up to 175 with fails and some ugly

Oh well lots of fun anyways

Thanks Michelle

Up to 70.5#. 2.5# PR. Slowly but surely creeping up.
Last one was a power snatch with a press out. Tried another with a squat but didn’t happen. I am getting more comfortable with that position though. Took it down to 63# to practice, but just didn’t have anything left, even though that was the weight I did for the Lift Heavy wod. Think I did too many lighter warm-up lifts and ran out of gas.

Thanks Michelle!

I didn’t earn any style points on the last lift, but in the end I got it overhead!
Thanks Todd and Jason!

At home, so took long rests.
75, 95f, 95, 105f, 105f, 105f, 105f, 105f, 100, 105f, 95 – so topped out at 100.
PR in Nov. from the floor was 120.
I believe the lesson here was that there is not much drive in my hip drive.

95/115/125/135(f)/135(f)/115/125/135 fugly

no speed in the movement tonight
out of sync with shoulder and arm pull
more work required… practice /repeat

Right shoulder very angry after this


A) back squat 3×5 205# rest 2 min
B) back squat 3×5 185# rest 1 min
C) back squat 3×5 165# rest 30sec

Then found a hill in Tuscany
8 times to the top rest 1 min at the bottom

Up to 165. Long way from hitting a true snatch. Have trouble turning my ass off long enough to get lower.

Thanks Todd and Jay.

Worked up to 58#. A few fails at 60/63. I’d like to try this one again soon.
Thanks Jason and Todd!!

Up to 125# and then just worked on form
Need to keep arms straighter on pull …and get under it faster.
Thanks Michelle for the video tips!

75/85/95/105, down to 95/100 to work on hip drive and getting under the bar without landing too wide.

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