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Lifting Ourselves and One Another

Monday, December 18, 2017

Give Heavy WOD 2017

5 Rounds for time of:
50 Double Unders
20 Dumbbell Step-ups – 45#/30#/hand to 24”/20” (10/leg)

5 rep penalty every minute – 85# for all, strict press (men)/push press (women)

Coach’s notes:

Thanks to all who donated to the Calgary Food Bank, we raised 425# of food! In commemoration we are all lifting 425# (85# X 5 reps) shoulder to overhead as a penalty each minute in this WOD. Post ti

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Comments: 9

20:44 Rx
This was a great ‘give heavy’ workout. So challenging. Thanks for suffering along with me 6am. OG thanks for the prompts to keep going. I needed that this morning.

22:26 RX’d
DUs were fine today but the step ups got me
Nice work 6am – thanks OG!

Found a used motivator at the shop. Installed it, started the engine and popped the clutch into 5th gear…

21:40 – NOT anywhere close to Rx
All DU sets unbroken (big mistake – don’t do that! Saw the light…)
Step-ups: 30#/24″ for rounds 1&2, 20#/24″ for 3-5
Strict Press until mid round 3 then PP

Almost quit when I couldn’t do a single step-up in round 3 at 30#. DUs got the heart going and the eyes closing. Spent about 5 of the rounds not doing anything – just kneeling and hoping it would end.

Thanks OG and 6am. Mandi and Chris are ridiculous!

4 rounds
65# and 6/7 reps
25# DBs. Should have used 20#
DUs rx’d.
If I had to give any advice on this one it would be to go lighter than you think you should with the DBs.
By round 4 I was only getting 4-6. Would have taken 10 minutes to do round 5.

Haven’t quit a workout in a long time. That was crushing.

Thanks Michelle.

Good job to those who did it and good luck to those who are later.

So messed up I told a lie…
Only 20” box for me…

Whoa – this one was sneaky deadly!
Used 65# and alternated 6 reps then 7 reps next round to get my 425# each round.
Even at lighter weight …presses died …so I moved to push press.
BSU started at 35# 24″ box …3 minutes in I kicked box over to 20″ @ 35#
DUs in sets of 30/20
19:44 – ouch
Thanks Michelle!

Does this site offer drop ins? I am from Houston. Just here for 48 hours.

This was tough!
25# for step ups
Started with 75# for press and then down to 65#
Thanks OG!

Fun one!??!
As rx 19:47
Thanks OG!

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