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Lifting Ourselves and One Another

Monday, December 15, 2014


2000m Row

Compare to November 6, 2013

Coach’s notes:  Post time to complete to comments.

Today is our last day for the “Give Heavy” food drive for the Calgary Interfaith Food Bank. Don’t forget to drop off some non perishables before or after your WOD and contribute to a good cause and a heavy WOD for tomorrow!

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Thanks Colin! Fun warm-up 6AMers. 😉

Wasn’t feeling the 2k row vibe this morning, so did “Jackie” with Sue.
10:27 rx’d. 2 minute PR but realized after I was 5 thrusters short, so can probably tack on another 10-15 seconds.

Thanks for suggesting this one Sue!

Thanks Michelle!

7:31.8 – 500m splits of 1:47.0/1:52.1/1:58.2/1:54.4
Little fast out of the gate. Will try and be more consistent on splits next go round.
Thanks Michelle!

Did yesterday’s WOD and posted it there.

Open gym……..
7:26 (7:34 last time)

8:06. Last 500 @ 1:54

PR of 7:49.3 was in June 2010. Today’s time is the fastest in the 4 or so times since then so I’m happy about that.
Towards the end I figured I needed four good pulls. Gave it five pulls, stopped and looked up. Still had 8 m to go. Dumb. So close to sub 8:00.

Damper = 5

1:55.1 28 s/m
2:00.5 27 s/m
2:02.7 22 s/m
2:01.8 25 s/m

Once the burn starts I do better will harder pulls at a stroke rate.

*harder pulls at a slower stroke rate.
(Now I’m done)

6:57.8 (0.8s slower than last time)
Tried holding a faster pace this time but started running out of gas around 1500m. (1:42-1:44 until that point).
Thanks Chelsea.

7:26, thanks Colin!

A) 20-18-16-14-12-10-8-6-4-2
Cal on airdyne
SA DB Power Snatch 50#
B) Front Squat worked up to single at 195# these didn’t feel good today.
C) Back squat worked up to 225#x2
D ) snatch balance 3×5 115#
E) L-Sit hanging from bar 20sec x 5

Damper 7(just above the line between 6&7), drag rate 125. 8:30.5. Had a little 2or 3 sec break @5:00 min and 7:00min. Thanks Todd for the mobility at the end. I have deceided the perfect coaching combo would be a Michelle warm up and Todd mobility at the end.:)

Thanks for the push at the end Todd

7:28.3, 0.2s faster than last time

Did this one Tuesday, as those snatches were not happening for me.

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