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Lifting Ourselves and One Another

Friday, May 26, 2017

All sets for time:

A.  200m carry – pick up something heavy and take it with you.

B.  30 cals on your choice – (assault, row or skierg)

C.  400m sprint.

D.  50 Barbell Shoulder Press – 95#/65#

E.  50 Chest to Bar Pull-ups

Coach’s notes:

Complete in any order. Post order completed and results for all sets to comments.

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Comments: 7

1. 200 meter carry – heavy sandbag –1:14
2. Shoulder press 65lbs –4:46
3. 400 meter run –1:44
4.chest to bar pull-ups –a whopping 10:14 🐌🐌🐌
5. Assault bike I hate you –1:19
6am rocks my world 🌎

24:15 total time including rest in between (which was lengthy!) 75# shoulder press, C2B off the box, 75# sandbag for carry.

Great work 6am…kudos those those who rx’d those C2Bs!!!
Thanks Colin

A) Shoulder press @ 65# 8:00-felt okay till around 25 then chipped away a couple reps at a time=defeated haha
B) 400m Sprint(run) 1:48
C) 30 cal on bike 2:22-maybe should have rested longer or changed the order-this sucked more than usual!
D) 50 C2B 6:02
E) 200m carry with heavy sandbag (think Colin said 70#?) 1:27
Good job 7 a.m.
Thanks Colin!

Ouch, ouch, and ouch. This all hurt.
A. Started with A. Went for the 200m carry with the 125# d-ball. As per Josh we had to hold in front so that the weight was constantly putting pressure on your chest and stomach, making breathing damn near impossible. 2:07
E. Next up 50 C to B. 37/3/4/3/3 in 1:36.
C. 400m sprint in 1:13
D. Shoulder press @ 95#, 10/10/7/4/4/3/3/3/2/2/2 in 5:45.
B. Pretty much game over for me at this point, I did do 30 cal on the assault bike, but not so much a sprint as a lets go for a moderate bike ride and try not to die. Even at a backed off pace, I died. 30 cals in 1:13.
Total workout took me 40 minutes.

C. 400m sprint = 1:18
D. 95# Shoulder Press = 4:05
A. 200m bear hugging 125# D-Ball = 1:40
B. Assault Bike = 0:34
E. CTB = 5:59 – regular (chin) butterfly pull-ups are getting better but still can’t string together butterfly CTBs
Thanks Laura

A: 100# D-ball – hugged it. Non-stop. Forgot to time. Walked it slowly afterward: about 1:30
C: 400 m – 1:38 – kinda slow for me. Part A didn’t help.
E: 50 C2B – 5:59 (2:35+3:24) – lots of singles.
D: 65#X25, 45#X25 – 4:54 (1:45+3:09)
B: Ski-erg (damper=7) – 1:33

C. 400m sprint – 1:30 this is a PR for me.
E. Ring rows to chest – 4:40
A. 200m carry – 60# sandbag unbroken 1:50. I’d use the 80# ball next time.
D. SP – 35# bar 3:22
B. 30 cal row 1:55. I had very little left in the tank for this one.
Thanks Laura!

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