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Lifting Ourselves and One Another

Friday, December 12, 2014


“Fight Gone Bad”

3 rounds of time:


Sumo Deadlift High Pull

Box Jumps

Push Press

Row (calories)

Compare to September 8, 2014  

Coach’s notes:  For FGB move from each of five stations after a minute.  The clock does not reset or stop between exercises.  This is a five minute round from which a one minute break is allowed before repeating.  On call of  “rotate”, the athletes move to the next station immediately for best score.  One point is given for each rep, except on the rower where each calorie is one point.  Guys use 20 lbs and gals use 14 lbs for the wallballs, 75 lbs and 55 lbs for the SDLHP and push press.  Box jumps are 20″ for all.  Add your points and post them to comments.

It’s time to take your olympic lifting to the next level. 

Sundays: Jan 4  – Mar 29  //  5:30pm – 7pm
(No Class Jan 25 + Feb 8)
Members: $275 •  Non-members: $375 • Class Max: 12


Comments: 17

83/74/75, total 232 -this is a 25 rep PR thank-you TTNutrition & TTStrength! Also, thanks for the push this morning Colin

264 as rx’d
Partnered with Justin. That was a tough workout, great work everyone at 6am!
Thanks Colin.

105, 105, 101 = 311

Thanks Colin!

280 partnered with Alex ‘The Beast’ Barr.
Thanks Colin.

Felt like a slug moving this morning. Not my best performance but it’s an improvement from last time.
Thanks Michelle and Mike

1) 107 – 25/20/17/20/15
2) 82 – 20/15/18/15/14
3)89 – 20/17/18/20/14
268 total – 15 reps more than last time.
Thanks Michelle and Mike!

10 better than last time but still room for improvement. PP is my weakness. Need to rest without dropping the bar.

Thanks for amping up the intensity Michelle! Thanks for partnering again Sue!

Woman/Master weights – 14#, 55# – same as last time

95+74+71 = 240

Last time (first time) was 87+66+62 = 215
Class layout was well organized this time so transitions were faster.

Hamstrings broken so rest day.
Did this Nov. 30th at Puff Dragons. Posting so I can find it later:
Numbers were 91/76/78 = 245
Subbed in Assault Bike for Rower. SDLHP are (one of my many) nemeses.

303 give or take. Hard to count when you hurt that bad.

Not even close to my best…. Should have taken the rest day I initially planned. On the positive the wall balls felt awesome. I fell apart on the box jumps every single round. Something was not working. Lots to work on….
Thanks Laura and Colin!

109/100/93 = 302 (283 last time)
Thanks Laura and Colin

246 – 31# bar and 8# wallball. Questioned my sanity coming in after living with flu symptoms for three days but pushed through every rep And beat my previous sept 8th score by 49 reps what a difference 12 weeks makes. Next goal work up to RX’d. Thanks Laura and Colin!

Always fun to be reminded how much this wod hurts:
366 rxd…..then a very labored 20 min calorie test on the assault bike only managed 197

Thanks Laura and OG

RX’d 89/71/72
Thanks Laura and OG!

215= new personal worst, just glad I broke 200. Scaled to 12# wb’s and 42# on the bar. Fun class though, thanks Colin and Laura!!

236 as rx’d. 86/78/72

Wall balls were killing me round 3.

Thanks Colin!

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