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Lifting Ourselves and One Another

Friday, April 4, 2014



50,40,30,20,10 rep rounds for time:

Double Unders


Coach’s notes:  Post time to complete to comments.

Compare to November 7, 2013

Comments: 24

Oh no!

Oh yeah baby…as rx’d =3:50 (pr)

WOW OG that’s amazing. Congratulations
You must have been almost puking after that!

Huge congrats OG. You crushed it!

Colin – Well done
RX’d ( I think lost track of DU on the 50’s 40’s may have counter a few failed attempts ) but in my mind as RX’d = 15:00 on the nose Nailed IT
Awhile back this would have taken me all Day :)
Thanks Laura

In my excitement I forgot to thank Laura for the excellent coaching as well as comments that always seem to humble me a bit :)

5:15. Felt slow and clumsy, tripped up on every set of double unders and could not get going today. Off to Maui. See you guys next week.
Thanks Michelle.

13:30 My biggest weaknesses all in one workout. Attempted Double Unders as much as possible, substituted some singles in as well. Can only get better from here – I can now string 10 DUs in a row during warmup (PR)
Thanks Michelle!
Bonus Front Squat 1RM: 245# PR
Bonus most calories in 1 minute Row (damper 10): 32
Thanks Don for sticking around to hang out :)

Yeah OG! That is awesome!
7:01 as rx’d
Was not happy with this time, but got some perspective after the WOD and put my lip back up.
Sit ups we sloth like today.
Thanks Michelle and Mike!
Thanks 9 am’ers for letting me and Shannon crash the party this morning! 😉

Great time OG!!!
Tania, Shannon condensed this all into 1 post just for you guys;)
A) 7-1 down ladder
6″ defect HSPU
Bar MU
14:07 the HSPUs were terrible, failed several and had to take long breaks.
B) hill sprints at the crescent heights hill
5 rounds rest was the walk down + 2 min at the bottom.
C) airdyne sprints
10 rounds
15sec on rest 45sec
I need to go eat some food now!

Open gym…
7:40 (8:10 last time)
DUs slowly getting better. Sit ups still suck.

8:40 as rx’d
Sit-ups unanchored.
Last three rounds of DU’s unbroken (round of 40 was a mess)!
Thanks Todd!

8:26 felt better then last time!
Thanks Todd

12:55 – 1/2 d-u attempts and 1/2 singles x3 (ish)
Thanks Todd

PR is 8:18.
Had no particular trouble with DU’s tonight. Just couldn’t keep the rope moving fast so I had to jump higher so sets were shorter. Not a recipe for success.

7:04 rx’d (PR)
The best previous time I found was 8:15
Thanks for the great coaching Todd! The warm up stuff with the rolling was really good.

Not great, but quite a bit better than last time…. DUs got better closer to the end.
Thanks Todd!

7:57 with anchored sit ups. Thanks Todd!

11:36 mostly DUs, could’ve counted a few attempts by accident, it was a bit of a blur. Sit ups anchored and abmat.

11:55 anchored with 45s. The first 50 DUs took forever, but I got them figured out eventually, max 27 unbroken.

17+minutes 15-20 attempts for first four rounds
Not sure that I got any, I’d rather have subbed
K2E and killed my abs than do DUs but then I’d
never get them.
Beside, Michelle wouldn’t let me :)
Great class, thanks Michelle
Thanks for the bonus work after Ian
Great job on the front squat and the row!
195 front squat for me, got two. Break 200
next time?!

9:17 with anchored sit ups
Not my best time but sit-ups felts better then ever.

First time not giving up on DU’s. Just kept doing my thing.
Nice job OG. You are rock bro.
Thanks Laura.

7:10 as rxd at the work gym had to get this one in

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